Which two options?

An approval policy can be applied to which two options? (Choose two.)
A. A catalog service
B. A catalog user
C. An event
D. An action

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One thought on “Which two options?

  1. A and D are correct. If you go to Administration – Catalog – Entitlements. Open one of the groups and look at the Items and Approvals tabs. You can insert approval policies into each of those entitled items. There are three columns: Entitled Services, Entitled Items, and Entitled Actions. Option A is the Entitled Service. Option D is the Entitled Action.

    Some have suggested the answer could be B, Catalog user. Indirectly, perhaps. You apply the entitlements and approvals into a group that a user is a member of. And if you had a group of only one individual, you would effectively be assigning it to that one user. But that as an answer would be a stretch.

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